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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Welcome and Opening Speeches

8:30AM Opening Address from Metal Bulletin
8:35AM Asia Copper Conference welcome address
8:45AM Address from Chile Ministry of Mines
9:00AM China Minmetals keynote address
Jian Jiao, Vice President, China Minmetals Group

Session 1-Keynote executive panel

9:15AM Copper 2017-2018: What has the market been telling us?
  • With a year of political turmoil, what outlook should we hold in the midst of uncertainty?
  • How will China’s propulsion towards a greener future reshape the domestic and global industry?
  • Discussing the timeline of a volatile year and  growing uncertainties
  •  What do you make of the current political climate and the state of the global economy?
Iván Arriagada, CEO, Antofagasta Minerals
Zhicong Li, Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Co Ltd
Qi Zhigang, Executive Vice President, Shandong Xianggang Group Co.,Ltd
10:15AM Networking Refreshment Break

Session 2 - Insight on the the state of global copper trading

10:45AM The LME path forward: Ongoing commitment to global copper
  • The LME’s importance to the copper market
  • The strategic pathway one year on
  • New initiatives at the Exchange to support the market
11:15AM Role of Exchanges: How are exchanges supporting and advancing the copper industry? (panel)
Yang Liu, Head Of Corporate Sales & China Business Development, London Metal Exchange
12:15PM Networking Lunch
1:45PM Copper Futures: Understanding Chinese market dynamics
  • How has the launch of yuan denominated oil futures contracts affected the way commodities traders do business in and with China?
  • Big shorts, longs on SHFE copper are moving markets globally - How is this developing?
  • What policy changes are being made that affect copper futures trading?
  • Qingdaos legacy - metals financing and insurance in China and Asia
Yinghui Yang, Managing Director, COFCO Futures Co., Ltd
Liming Yu, Vice General Manager, Daye Nonferrous Metals Co
Donghai Xie, Chairman of the Board, Sycapital Management Co
Yiwei Mao, Deputy CEO, Jiangxi Copper International Trading Co.,Ltd.
Xiaohong Wang, Managing Director - Head Of Commodity Research, DH Fund Management

Session 3 - Dr Copper and the state of global financial health

2:45PM Analyst panel: Discussing the timeline of a volatile year and growing uncertainties


  • Back to the basics: What are fundamentals telling us? How do we expect prices to move going forward?
  • Currency fluctuations: understanding copper price movements in relation to the dollar and the yuan.
  • Escalating tensions: Which segments of the supply – chain have suffered most? Who has benefitted?
  • Copper financing deals - To what extent is the wider copper market affected by financing activities? How has China’s crackdown on debt affected the paper market?
Moderator: Paul White, Secretary-General, International Copper Study Group (ICSG)
Colin Hamilton, Managing Director- Commodities Research, BMO Capital Markets
Hong Pan, Senior Copper Analyst, BGRIMM Lilan Consulting Corp., Ltd.
3:30PM Networking Refreshment Break
4:00PM Reviewing China's long-term growth strategies and their impact on the copper market
  • Market prognosis: Has this year been marked by a slow-down in China’s economy? What are the varying predictions for the year ahead?
  • War against pollution: How will China’s efforts to curb pollution reshape the domestic and global copper industry?
  • China’s growth portfolio:  the latest on One Belt One Road, the Five Year Plan, and Made in China 2025  - what are the implications for copper?
  • Chinese smelting capacity: Is there a risk of overcapacity in the long term? Will the government move towards tighter controls?
Moderator: Mark Loveitt, President, International Wrought Copper Council
Richard Xu, Regional Director Asia, International Copper Association
Xiaoqin Han, Chief Financial Officer, Jinchuan Group International Resources Co Ltd
Peter John Deneen, Director, EV-Metals Resources Group
5:00PM End of Day 1

Day 2: Thursday, November 15, 2018

Session 4 - Understanding changing market dynamics

9:00AM Chairperson's opening remarks
9:05AM Copper production and consumption: Insight into India's domestic market
  • Where will India source copper from given recent supply disruptions?
  • How will the squeeze on availability impact prices?
  • What are the growth prospects for domestic copper demand in the short and long term?
  • Are scrap imports set to increase significantly?
J.C Ladhha, CEO Birla Copper, Hindalco Industries Ltd
9:35AM The 2019 scrap import ban: Coping with radical change and dealing with great uncertainty
  • Disrupted trade flows:  assessing short-term vs long term effect of the ban on supplying countries
  • Alternative sources of demand: what countries are experiencing increased levels of scrap imports?
  • Towards higher purity:  Overview of Chinese and global plans to upgrade/build scrap processing facilities.
  • Chinese scrap: Given China’s recent supply-side reforms, will there be an acceleration in the timeline for Chinese scrap to become available?
Michael Lion, President, Lion Consulting Asia Ltd.
10:05AM Networking Refreshment Break

Session 5 - Global mining trends

10:30AM The impact of copper price movements on mining investment
  • What is the current investment sentiment in the copper mining industry?
  • What kind of funding sources are most prominent in the industry: internal capital or external financing?
  • At present, what copper price can effectively stimulate mining investment?
You Luo, Base Metal Analyst, Minmetals & Jingyi Futures Co.,Ltd.
11:00AM An overview of Chilean mining and production
  • Has Chile experienced a shift in its concentrate market? How does this affect the supply chain?
  • How is Chile addressing concerns of declining ore grades? What new investments are underway?
  • How have this year’s prices and market uncertainties affected domestic miners and capex plans?
Jorge Cantallopts, Director of Research and Policy Planning, Chilean Copper Commission (Cochilco)
11:30AM Mining for Value: Industry leaders disclose lessons learned from the supercycle
Alejandra Wood, Directora Ejecutiva, CESCO
12:00PM Societal trends in mining: How are they impacting the industry?
Tom Butler, Ceo, International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)
12:30PM Networking Lunch

ICA Workshop

1:45PM Introduction to the International Copper Association and topics of the day
Anthony Lea, President, International Copper Association
1:50PM Session 2 - Energy Transition Technologies
  • Competitive Analysis of the 2 Million Tonne Appliances Market – Keith Miller, The Martec Group
  • Challenges Affecting Copper in the $120 Billion Motors Market – Paul Dewison, MetalsPlus
  • The Impact of China’s One Belt One Road Initiative on Material Demand – Wang Yadong, Shanghai MarchWin Consulting


Moderator: Colin Bennett, Global Manager, Market Analysis and Outreach, International Copper Association
Keith Miller, Business Director, Martec Group
Paul Dewison, Owner & Metals Lead, MetalsPlus
Yadong Wang, Ceo And Founder, Shanghai MarchWin Consulting
2:40PM Networking Refreshment Break
2:55PM Session 3: Copper's Role in Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing
  • LME Position Paper on Responsible Sourcing – Georgina Hallett, London Metal Exchange
  • Global Sustainability Indicators for the Copper Industry – Fleming Voetmann, ICA
  • Comparing Power Cable Technologies in China Using Life Cycle Assessment – Diana Eggers, Quantis
Moderator: Steve Kukoda, Vice President, International Copper Association
Georgina Hallett, Chief Of Staff, LME
Fleming Voetmann, Vice President, Public Affairs, International Copper Association
3:45PM Close of Workshop

Summary and thanks

Richard Xu, Regional Director Asia, International Copper Association