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Agenda Overview

Pre-conference: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

6:00AM Field trip to Jamalco's refinery and mines
Available to registered delegates only, additional $80 surcharge applies. Spaces are limited and based on a first come, first served basis
5:00PM Pre-conference registration opens
6:30PM Welcome drinks reception hosted by Noranda

Join us on the beautiful West Lawn for a welcome reception overlooking the Carribbean Sea

Day One: Wednesday, February 28, 2018

9:00AM Government Welcome Address

•    Jamaica – the island, the people, the economy
•    The role of mining and natural resources to the Jamaica economy
•    The future role of Jamaica in the bauxite and alumina business

Senior Representative, Government of Jamaica 

9:20AM Keynote address: A new day and frontier for Bauxite and Alumina

•    The changing landscape of Bauxite and Alumina 
•    New dynamics in the North American alumina market
•    How to survive and thrive in the changing marketplace
•    Global growth prospects – where will the demand come from? 

David D'Addario, Chairman and CEO, Noranda Bauxite & Alumina
9:40AM Case study: Developing and investing in Jamaica

•    The newly reopened Alpart refinery – what are JISCOS plans with the materials?
•    How will JISCO ensure power sustainability and what will be the main energy source?
•    Will there be any restrictions on where the alumina can be exported?
•    Quality considerations – what improvements will be made and how? 
•    Are there any plans for expansion? 

Jing Sun, Senior Engineer and Manager, JISCO ALPART JAMAICA
10:00AM Jamaican bauxite and alumina production

•    An overview of bauxite and alumina operations at Jamalco – how much is being produced?
•    Modification of bauxite quality and availability
•    Best practice in maximising the life of a refinery

Richard I. Russell, Chief Operating Officer, Jamalco
10:20AM Morning networking break
11:00AM Branching out: increasing flexibility and origin diversification in bauxite and alumina
  • How have alternative origins of bauxite and alumina infiltrated the market?
  • Regional variations in bauxite and alumina prices
  • What does diversification mean for prices, market maturation and pricing mechanisms?
Charlotte Radford, Reporter, Metal Bulletin
11:20AM Panel Discussion: The North American alumina market – adjusting to a new norm?
  • What have been the impacts of the Sherwin and Port Comfort closures to date?
  • Who are the new players in the market and how is the supply/demand dynamic adjusting following these new met and non-met market dynamics?
  • Will we see a significant upturn in downstream production with the new administration?
Gary Bonham, Vice President of Sales, Noranda Alumina
Mark Hansen, CEO, Concord Resources Ltd
11:50AM The outlook for refractories: major industry trends

•    Main challenges for the refractories industry:
o    Market growth outlook
o    Pollution restrictions
o    Overcapacity
•    What is the current status of refractory products in terms of output, sales etc.?
•    Growth of new projects requiring refractory minerals

Adrien Petite, Senior Sales Manager, EKC AG
12:10PM What is on the horizon for high-purity alumina and other non-typical applications?

•    How much high purity alumina is being used and what are the growth prospects in this space? 
•    What are the regional differences in high purity alumina usage?
•    An overview of recent projects in the pipeline
•    What are the new innovations for specialty aluminas? 

12:30PM Networking lunch
2:00PM Private Discussion Roundtables
Yisha Xue, Director, Cathay Minerals Ltd
Karim Karjian, CEO, Karalco Resources
3:00PM India: key purchasing influencers

•    Where do Indian producers see the opportunities and challenges for its bauxite and alumina industry? How are port expansions going to impact the movement of material?
•    Do predicted volumes of material hitting the market align with what purchasers see on the ground?
•    What decisions and factors are influencing purchasers at the moment?

Vinod Sood, President, International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society
3:20PM Guinea: the future for bauxite and alumina?

•    Latest updates on the key projects in development – what is in the pipeline?
•    What are the new investments on the horizon?
•    Volume export forecast for 2018, how much is expected and where will it be exported to?
•    Is there a realistic threat of oversupply in the near future and is a measured supply response necessary? 

Alkhaly Yamoussa Bangoura, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Mines & Geology, Government of Guinea
3:40PM Indonesian bauxite supply – what can we expect to happen next?

•    What have been the impacts on smelting and processing facilities so far in the partial lifting of the Indonesian ban?
•    Pricing advantages of Indonesian bauxite
•    By how much are shipments to China set to grow over the next 12 months? 
•    Can Indonesia regain its position as primary bauxite supplier in the near future? 

4:00PM Afternoon networking break
4:30PM China: keeping a finger on the pulse

•    What is the status of the recent environmental regulations and supply side reforms from China and how long are they likely to be in place? 
•    What is the impact on these reforms for the global market 
•    What are Chinese aluminium consumption rates? Is the recent slowdown expected to be a short or long-term dynamic? 
•    Updates on recent government clampdowns on illegal smelting, are illegal refinery restrictions set to follow? 

Alan Clark, Managing Director, Clark & Marron
5:00PM Closing remarks and end of day one
5:20PM Evening networking reception

Day Two: Thursday, March 1, 2018

8:30AM Breakfast Briefing– Metal Bulletin Alumina pricing

•    What are the current alumina market trends and fundamentals?
•    What is the future of pricing indices? 
•    How can the MB Alumina Index help with Alumina pricing? 

9:30AM Opening remarks
9:40AM Opening Address: Opportunities and challenges in the global bauxite and alumina market
Simon Storesund, Vice President, Hydro Aluminium International SA
10:00AM The Jamaican bauxite market outlook

•    Evolving opportunities and markets for Jamaica bauxite
•    Developing new opportunities across the globe and in new applications
•    Implications of shipping & logistics options 
•    Following the transition from producer to reference pricing

Chris Young, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Operations, Noranda Bauxite and Alumina, Dada Holdings
Elyse Kohyahn, Senior Trader, Concord Resources Limited
10:20AM The Big Squeeze: how China’s production restrictions affected non-met bauxite and alumina markets
  • A year of China-driven supply decline
  • Availability shortage, hunt for alternatives
  • Effects on bauxite and fused alumina market prices
Davide Ghilotti, Chief Reporter, Industrial Minerals
10:40AM Morning networking break
11:20AM Analysing pricing and input costs: its impact on the bottom line

•    Are the rising alumina cost impacting smelter margins despite high LME prices?
•    How far are the increased costs affecting net profits and considerations for mitigation
•    What affect are the Chinese clampdown on illegal smelting having on aluminium price? 
•    Alumina input costs: energy, caustic soda and bauxite, freight – what is happening to refineries’ bottom lines?

Ami Shivkar, Senior Analyst - Aluminium Markets, Wood Mackenzie
11:40AM A focus on caustic soda

•    What are the latest pricing trends in caustic soda costs and what should we expect for the next 6 months? 
•    Are the current high caustic prices set to continue? 
•    Will we see a tighter European market and how can this be rebalanced? 

Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles, Principal Analyst - Inorganics Group, IHS Market
12:10PM Networking lunch
1:40PM Shipping and Logistics – buying patterns and trends

•    Where the current freight rates heading and what is forecast for 2018? 
•    What are China’s buying patterns and will they change? What will be the main drivers?
•    Examining the trade flows
•    How do freight costs compare for bauxite and alumina?

Patrick Krebs, Vice President, MID-SHIP Group
2:10PM Panel Discussion: Sustainability – best practice and lessons learnt

•    Main sustainability challenges faced and policies implemented 
•    Reclamation and beneficial transformation of mined out pits 
•    Successfully managing red mud disposal sites

Rod Tapp, Consultant, Rio Tinto
Parris A Lyew Ayee, Executive Director, Jamaica Bauxite Institute
Ken Evans, Consultant Bauxite/Alumina & Bauxite Residue Management, International Aluminium Institute (IAI)
Locksley Allen, Mine Planning & Operations Manager, Noranda Bauxite & Alumina
2:50PM Closing remarks and end of conference

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