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Agenda Overview

Pre-conference workshop: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

4:00PM A guide to Metal Bulletin’s alumina pricing
  • How has Metal Bulletin captured recent moves in alumina prices?
  • How does Metal Bulletin calculate its alumina indices?
  • How are Metal Bulletin prices used by the bauxite and alumina market?
  • What is in the pipeline for Metal Bulletin’s suite of raw materials prices?

Taking place in the Porto meeting room. All conference delegates are welcome to attend

Jon Mulcahy , Analyst, Metal Bulletin Index
Charlotte Radford , Reporter, Metal Bulletin
5:30PM Conference registration desk opens
6:00PM Welcome drinks reception

Day one: Wednesday, March 15, 2017

7:30AM Registration desk opens
8:45AM Opening address: global bauxite, alumina and aluminium trends
  • Global aluminium and upstream dynamics
  • Will we continue to see structural change in the upstream segments of the aluminium industry?
  • What are the latest developments in the Indonesian market?
  • Are recent investments by Chinese companies into major bauxite producing regions a sign of increased self-sufficiency to come? What would this mean for existing exporters and exporting regions/countries?
  • What are the growth prospects for aluminium?  Where will the demand come from?
  • Is recycled aluminium a growing concern for bauxite and alumina demand?

Session one - Bauxite and alumina’s global trade dynamics

9:05AM Guinea: the future for bauxite and alumina
  • Could Guinea soon become China’s biggest supplier?
  • What will the dedicated export terminal in Port Kamsar look like and how much material will it be able to handle?
  • What improvement work will be carried out to existing rail infrastructure?
  • How likely is it that an alumina refinery will be built in Guinea?
  • Is there a political willingness to keep alumina in the country? When could this be a viable reality?
  • What is the government doing to support the development of trade and industry?
Moderator: Annabelle Palmer , Programme Director, Metal Bulletin Events
Alkhaly Yamoussa Bangoura , Senior Adviser, Ministry of Mines & Geology, Government of Guinea
Bob Adam , CEO, AMC Bauxite
9:45AM Middle Eastern aluminium and alumina: establishing a major hub for production
  • What are the plans for alumina and aluminium production in the region?
  • Are there plans for additional refineries?
  • How is bauxite demand growing in this region and where will it be sourced from?
Ameen Al Ghamdi , Director, Mine and Technical, Ma’aden Bauxite and Alumina Company
10:05AM The Alcoa mining business: a view of the global bauxite market
Otavio Carvalheira , Commercial Vice President, Alcoa
10:25AM Networking coffee break
11:00AM Australia: losing ground?
  • What is the outlook for the Australian bauxite market now that China is looking further afield for its supply?
  • What is the status of Australian alumina? Are recent investments by the Chinese a sign that Australian alumina will be in less demand?
  • Is diversification a solution or is a more dynamic shift in demand or capacity needed?
Andrew Wood , Group Executive Strategy & Development, Alumina Limited
11:30AM Jamaica: investing in the region
  • Jamaica's Alpart alumina refinery – what is the latest?
  • What would be the impact of Jamaica’s biggest refinery coming back online?
  • How has the Jamaican government set up the Energy Sector Enterprise Team to tackle high power costs? What other steps were taken to make the refinery viable again?
  • What is the current Atlantic discount for material coming out of the region? Where is it going?
Jing Sun , Senior Engineer and Manager, JISCO
Coy Roache , Managing Director, Jamaica Bauxite Mining
Michael Henry , Minister of Transport and Mining, Government of Jamaica
Thomas Robb , Chief Operating Officer, Wise Metals Group
12:30PM Networking lunch break

Session two – Alumina pricing and cost of production

1:45PM The alumina index: a new way to manage risk
  • Alumina pricing: the past, the present, the future
  • Rationale for the alumina index and the need to hedge alumina price risk
  • What makes an index work?
  • How difficult is it to hedge alumina?
  • What is the methodology for Metal Bulletin’s pricing?
  • Are there plans to launch something similar for bauxite?
Charlotte Radford , Reporter, Metal Bulletin
Peter Finnimore , Head of Marketing, South32
2:30PM Alumina pricing and input costs
  • How successful have refineries and smelters been in cutting operating costs? What strategies have been implemented?
  • Are self-sufficiency drives pushing alumina back to a cost price? Do we expect the market to shrink as a result?
  • Alumina input costs: energy, caustic soda and bauxite, freight – what is happening to refineries’ bottom lines?
  • How does the global cost model differ for different alumina refineries?
Ami Shivkar , Senior Analyst - Aluminium Markets, Wood Mackenzie
3:00PM Caustic soda: changing industry dynamics
  • How consolidation and rationalisation has and will influence this market?
  • What should alumina producers expect in terms of caustic soda price trends?
  • How have regulatory changes impacted the production and trade flow of materials? Where will regional buyers get their caustic soda from now?
  • Is the import of high-quality bauxite from Guinea expected to have a significant impact on Chinese caustic soda consumption?
Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles , Principal Analyst - Inorganics Group, IHS Market
3:30PM Networking coffee break

Session three – Non-met market developments

4:00PM Diversification: opportunities for met suppliers
  • How much business is there to be won in the non-met industry for those looking to diversify from met-bauxite?
  • Where is the demand coming from in these markets? Is it sufficient enough to absorb an oversupply of met-material?
  • Who is making sales in this space and to whom?
  • Which regions have the grade of bauxite that can be supplied to non-met markets?
Chris Young , Vice President of Sales and Marketing Operations, Noranda Bauxite and Alumina, Dada Holdings
4:30PM Refractories and monolithics: in the midst of transformation
  • Have we reached an equilibrium in the substitution of monolithics for bricks products?
  • How and where will Chinese and Indian refractory companies find export markets for their products?
  • Recent technical trends in monolithics refractories
  • How can digital technology impact the traditional refractory world?
John Maxwell , Vice President and General Manager, Calderys, a Divsion of Imerys
5:00PM Advanced refractories: performance and environmental issues
  • What are the mega-trends in the industry?
  • Which are the distinguishing factors of advanced refractories?
  • Which environmental and ecological aspects have to be considered?
  • Case study: Tap-hole clay
Eric Zobec , Managing Director, Seven Refractories
5:30PM Bauxite and alumina in abrasive applications
  • Demand patterns: what are the most interesting demand drivers and regions?
  • What are the supply trends and influences?
  • What is the industry structure and where are the most interesting regions for production?
  • How have metalworking innovations impacted demand?
Ted Dickson , Consultant, Tak Industrial Mineral Consultancy
6:00PM End of day one followed by networking drinks reception

Day two: Thursday, March 16, 2017

8:00AM Registration desk opens
8:45AM Opening address: Opportunities and challenges in the global market
Silvio Porto , Executive Vice President, Bauxite & Alumina, Norsk Hydro Brasil

Session four – Asian supply and demand

9:05AM Chinese alumina and bauxite import
  • What proportion of the market is idled and what is operational? Have predicted cuts in capacity been realised?
  • To what extent does producing alumina with low-grade domestic bauxite and high-costs cause problems for Chinese alumina refineries? Is there a move towards less expensive, lower-grade bauxite in light of tough market conditions?
  • How significant are imports of bauxite and what percentage of bauxite is imported? Are Chinese alumina refineries seeking alternative sources of material?
  • What factors influence the purchasing decisions of alumina refineries when choosing these new areas of production?
Alan Clark , Managing Director, CMGroup
9:30AM Chinese aluminium: a balanced future?
  • What are Chinese aluminium consumption rates? Is the recent slowdown expected to be a short or long-term dynamic?
  • What is the outlook for import/export of aluminium products in China?
  • Is the fall in net exports expected to continue?
  • How is the drive towards more environmentally friendly manufacturing impacting aluminium production and alumina demand?
Yang Cao , Research Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research
10:00AM India: regional and purchasing viewpoint
  • Where do Indian producers see the opportunities and challenges for its bauxite and alumina industry? How are port expansions going to impact the movement of material?
  • Do predicted volumes of material hitting the market align with what purchasers see on the ground?
  • Is the long market expected to get longer?
  • What decisions and factors are influencing purchasers at the moment?


Deeptaman Mukherjee , Head - Alumina & Bauxite Procurement, Vedanta Limited & BALCO
10:30AM Networking coffee break

Session five – New mining projects

11:00AM Developing early stage projects
Mark Campodonic , Director, SRK Consulting UK Ltd
11:30AM Finance, operations and infrastructure
  • How much does it ordinarily cost to set up a bauxite mine?
  • How common is investment collaboration in this space?
  • What are the roles of banks and sovereign wealth funds and where is there a willingness to develop new mines?
  • Is there the risk-reward appetite?
  • Cost-effective transport in bauxite production regions: what solutions are being put forward?
  • Where would it make sense for alumina plants be put on site in co-generation? Is there government support for such investments in these regions?
Moussa Dabo , Advisor, Sella Mining
Karim Karjian , CEO, Karalco Resources
Mark Campodonic , Director, SRK Consulting UK Ltd
12:30PM Networking lunch break

Session six – Logistics and technology

2:00PM Logistics: building links
  • Where is material going from and to and at what cost?
  • How do freight rates from Guinea compare with rates from Australia?
  • How are freight rates influencing purchasing decisions?
  • What has been the trend for freight rates over the past 12 months?
Joel Grau , Managing Director, Marmedsa Chartering
2:30PM Ship unloading technology for alumina
  • How do continuous screw-based ship unloaders differ from conventional unloaders used for discharging alumina?
  • What is the environmental and final impact replacing grab cranes with completely enclosed unloading system?
  • Controlled transport velocity of alumina during discharging and its impact to degradation of alumina particles and energy balance of the smelter
  • Potential cost savings: replacing conventional cranes and pneumatic unloaders with new technology
Juha Huovilainen , Sales Director, Cargotec Sweden Bulk Handling AB

Session seven – Sustainability

3:00PM Life after bauxite: sustainably managing a completed mine

•    Sustainable development in mined-out bauxite lands in Jamaica through rainwater harvesting and greenhouse production
•    Ensuring economic sustainability of mined-out bauxite communities
•    Achieving agricultural production after mining has ceased

Dianne Gordon , Director, Bauxite Lands Division, Jamaica Bauxite Institute
Parris Lyew-Ayee , Executive Director, Jamaica Bauxite Institute
3:45PM End of day two and close of conference