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Event Overview

Welcome to Metal Bulletin’s 4th annual Steel Scrap conference, one of the essential conferences in our ferrous raw materials portfolio.  After three successful years in Istanbul, we’ve moved the venue to Rotterdam where we’ll be in close proximity to the departure and arrival of European and global scrap; an ideal gathering place for the industry. 

Ferrous scrap will continue to be the direct raw material feedstock for many steel makers but it is not the only; we often hear about additives, such as DRI, and how these may or may not compliment the demand for steel scrap going forward.  However, it is not only additives that must be tracked with a close eye; a few periods this year have seen the demand for cost-competitive billet enter Turkey, the main market for ferrous scrap, as the price spread between the two has, at times, been calculated to be narrow. 

These are merely a few examples of key market factors which make it essential for the scrap industry to keep an eye on the raw materials supply chain and the role ferrous scrap plays.  Scrap, being the most durable of raw materials, leads the way to a future industry of sustainability but how are scrap merchants, traders and steel mills to secure safe supply and maximise profitability along the way?  You’ll gather all the industry tools you need to safely navigate through market volatility.

At Steel Scrap 2014, Metal Bulletin and industry executives will be examining key questions and topics of debate to help mitigate risk and plan for progress:

      -          Will additives add to or subtract from future scrap demand globally?
      -          How fast are technological upgrades moving around the world?  What does the growth of EAFs resemble in important regions such as China?
      -          What is the state of affairs in Ukraine?  How will the annexation of Crimea have affected the market by September?
      -          The competitiveness of steel billet issuing from the CIS region
      -          What is the projected growth for the Asian container markets and how will this affect their scrap imports?
                  o   Taiwan
                  o   Vietnam
                  o   Indonesia
                  o   Malaysia
                  o   Thailand
      -          How do Japan, Korea and China forecast the supply and consumption of scrap in their respective countries?
      -          Will the US augment how much scrap they keep for internal consumption?  How will this affect both East and West Coast markets?
      -          How is the Indian market fairing?; forecasted growth in steel consumption
      -          What is the health of the shipbreaking market in Southern Turkey?  How much of the scrap demand can this meet to mills based in Izmir?
      -          Projected steel output from Turkish mills
      -          Is the European steel industry recovering?  Are we witnessing shoots of growth from Spain?
      -          Overviews of manufacturing activity in important economies and how this impacts availability of prime grade scrap

-       When will China hit their peak of obsolete scrap production and how close is Russia to the trough of its obsolete scrap output?  Is Russia set to become a net importer sooner than we think?

Witness our executive panels discussing these topics and contribute your input at this year’s Steel Scrap in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 


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