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Agenda Overview

Conference pre-day: Sunday, November 19, 2017


12:30PM Registration desk opens
Registration desk opens and is open throughout the day

Football tournament

12:30PM Ferroalloys Premier Football Tournament

Are you the Ronaldo of the ferroalloys market? Want to be a part of the inaugural ferroalloys tournament?

This tournament gives you the opportunity to meet with clients and customers in a relaxed and competitive environment before the conference proceedings and score! Please register your interest with

Welcome deals and diamonds party

5:30PM Welcome deals and diamonds party

To start the event off with a bang, we’re hosting a champagne reception with a twist on Sunday 19 November.

In addition to networking and getting the deal talks started, each delegate will receive a jewel and one lucky delegate will be walking away with a diamond.

Join us on Sunday evening for drinks, deals and diamonds.

Day one: Monday, November 20, 2017

Ferroalloys Run

7:00AM Ferroalloys Running Club

Whether you are seeking to balance out your canapé-based diet with a spot of exercise, have brought your trainers to the conference and want to combine your workout with some gentle networking, or are simply seeking to see some of Lisbon during your stay, the running club is for you.

Join us as we start off the day with exercise and networking!

Contact to register your interest

Keynote presentations

8:45AM Opening Remarks & Ripasso Welcome
9:00AM Global economic outlook and steel demand
  • What are the expected European economic growth rates? Which steel specific industries will be most impacted?
  • What are the implications of technology, consumer preferences and trade affecting trends?
  • What are the implications of an integrated policy approach in light of globalisation?
  • Will production cutbacks in China be significant/ long lasting enough to have an impact on the market as a whole?
  • What are the economic developments within China and how are they affecting the price and demand of steel products?
  • What are the regional and international protectionist challenges that are facing steel markets?

Keynote Moderator: Paul Dallman, Programme Manager, Metal Bulletin Events

Michael Widmer, Director, Metal Strategist, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
9:30AM The three Ps: Products, prices and places [Live polling]


  • Pricing trends of ores and alloys across Europe and beyond
  • In which products are we seeing noticeable developments? 
  • What are the indices for ores and their respective alloys?
Charlotte Radford, Reporter, Metal Bulletin
Inaki Villanueva, Principal Analyst, Metal Bulletin
10:10AM How are they looking: Carbon and stainless steel production and purchasing 2018? [Live polling]
  • Market outlook for the global steel industry 
  • What are the estimated growth trends and market forecasts?
  • Which products, applications, end-uses and technologies were most attractive for investments?
  • How are these segments expected to fare during the forecast period?
Shruti Salwan, Metals Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research
Robert Messmer, Market Analyst, SMR - Steel & Metals Market Research
11:00AM Morning networking break
11:30AM The digitization of the ferroalloys market [TEDx talk]
  • What kind of technologies will bring sophistication and efficiency to the market?
  • What will blockchain mean for the ferroalloys market?
  • How can products and information be better tracked by use of technology?
Sebastian Kreft, Managing Director, Metals Hub GmbH
Frank Jackel, Managing Director, Metals Hub GmbH
12:00PM Executive Interview

Leading industry figures will take part in an unrestricted interview in which many of the industry’s pressing and sought-after questions will be answered. Live and topical dialogue will touch on the issues that matter.

Robert Yüksel Yildirim, President & CEO, Yildirim Group

Pedro Larrea, CEO, Ferroglobe
Albert Van Ommen Jr, CEO, Euro-Rijn International BV
12:15PM A year on – Protectionism, the status of China and isolationism
  • What are the European trade defence challenges in an ever changing union?
  • What are the continued international and regional protectionist challenges facing the ferroalloys industry?
  • Current dumping calculations? Will we see a decline after negotiations close?
  • How have the active environmental impetuses within China affected negotiations?
Inès Van Lierde, Secretary General, Euroalliages
1:00PM Networking lunch break
Be a part of the many networking activities taking place around the venue, from our ping pong tournament to the pool competition. Network with suppliers and have fun!

Ferroalloys in the spotlight

2:00PM Chrome and away: the state of the chrome market
  • What is the benchmark used and how are ferrochrome producers moving to alternative pricing formulas?
  • What is the future of the market benchmark?
  • How are the challenges of specialty and standard material bringing change to the market?
  • How do you compete with the major producer to provide a unique product?
Michael W.Lillja, CMO, AFARAK Group
2:30PM Chrome time panel discussions [Rapid response round]
  • Is there a better way to reflect the market reality for ferrochrome pricing?
  • China: Who is driving the 50:50 demand split? What is the total resultant?
  • High-grade material and the “basic” (low-content). 
  • Chrome: Today’s strengths, threats and value in use
  • Supply diversification versus security of key raw material supply: What is the right balance? 
  • What are potential risks of the graphite electrodes shortage? Are there any other possible challenges to the market?
  • What can be expected from the recent regulatory actions in China and its tightening of ecological norms and control, the mining rules in RSA and the low-carbon ferrochrome anti-dumping probe in the EU?
Dmitry Pastour, CEO, UniChrome AG
Robert Yüksel Yildirim, President & CEO, Yildirim Group
Mauri Kauppi, General Manager, Outokumpu Chrome OY
Barry Lazar, CEO, MEDIMA
3:00PM Networking break
3:30PM Manganese in the spotlight
Aloys d Harambure, Executive Director, International Manganese Institute
4:00PM Panel: Manganese on its knees? [Industry leaders panel]
  • Where are the acquisitions and what are the challenges for regional streamlining?
  • Where are the new projects and development capacities?
  • Why is the spot price for high carbon ferromanganese narrowing and its implications?
  • Will the announcement of overseas new offer prices affect Chinese offer prices?

Pedro Larrea, CEO, Ferroglobe

Kevin Fowkes, Managing Consultant, Alloy Consult
Johan Kriek, Marketing Manager, Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining
Esteban Rivero, Corporate Vice President, Autlan
4:30PM Nickel: State of the market Glencore address
  • What are the global nickel inventories within the physical market?
  • What is the current state of supply and demand and how is it similar to or does it differ from forecasts?
  • Will there be a sustained strong demand and growth for the nickel ore and ferronickel market going forward?
  • With the supply challenges tied to political and environmental actions across Asia, what are the alternative supply sources for nickel products? What are the specifics of these challenges?
  • How is the battery market and the explosive potential of lithium ion batteries affecting demand for nickel?
Owen Gibbs, Senior Nickel Trader, Glencore
5:00PM Nickel panel [Rapid response round]
  • How are the national trade and policy prohibitions affecting price? Will this have long term implications for the trade of nickel out of Asia?
  • Will supply for battery application create a challenge to the ferronickel market supply?
  • Will challenges to open pit mining in the Philippines affect major nickel producers going forward?
Jerome Baudelet, Sales and Marketing Director Nickel Division, Eramet Nickel
Alina Racu, Market Analyst Nickel, Norilsk Nickel
Anil Shah, President, Ni-Met Metals Inc
Ricardo Ferreira, Director of Market Research & Statistics, International Nickel Study Group
5:30PM End of day one

All day bar closing at 6:30pm.

Day two: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Morning networking opportunities

9:00AM Women in ferroalloys breakfast meeting

Join us as we bring the women of the industry together to share experiences with one another. This event will bring together women from across the ferroalloys supply chain. The main aim is to bring women together to discuss possible solutions to the challenges that they are currently facing in the sector. We would also like to hear from women who have forged a path in the sector and would like to share their stories. 

Please contact to register your interest

Teresa Burguete, Mining Engineer, Independent Consultant
Aimie Keeler, Market Analysis Specialist, Anglo American
10:00AM Meet the market brunch

Capitalise on the opportunity to get re-acquainted with old colleagues and make new contacts across the supply chain with breakfast and Bloody Marys.

Ferroalloys roundtable discussions

10:30AM Ferrovanadium roundtable
  • How are the tightening sanctions of US commerce affecting global rice trends and sales to the US market?
  • Automotive and critical steel components: Where will there be specific growth for ferrovanadium products in this space? What effect will this have on the export and import of ferrovanadium?
  • Where are the major imports of ferrovanadium coming from? Will China’s supply to the market be sustainable in the long term? 
Mark Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Largo Resources
11:15AM Ferromolybdenum roundtable


  • What are the recent market demand trends for molybdenum used in steel and stainless steel (molybdenum oxide and ferromolybdenum)?                
  • What is the current state of molybdenum supply and how does it differ from previous forecasts? 
  • How much molybdenum is sourced from byproduct and primary mines and scrap?  
  • What is the importance of sustainability initiatives to ferromolybdenum customers?  Does sustainability matter?
  • What is the right balance for molybdenum security of supply and supply diversification?
  • What is the impact of recent environmental regulatory changes in China on molybdenum supply?
  • Will the expected boom in electric/hybrid cars affect moly usage?  How so?
Christopher Kavanagh, Molybdenum Representative, American Metal Market
Michael Kendrick, President, Climax Molybdenum
12:00PM Ferrosilicon roundtable discussion
  • Will the Chinese market hold firm on supply tightness over the next quarter? 
  • What will the implications of US and EU price pressures of this summer have?
  • Excess imports from Malaysia to continue into the next quarter?
  • How will prices in the US fair against global prices following a slowed summer?
  • Will the price rise if smelters maintain their current operating rates?

Host: Kevin Fowkes, Managing Consultant, Alloy Consult

Valdiney Domingos, Director Metallurgy & Engineering, Viridis.iQ
12:45PM Lunch and end of International Ferroalloys Conference

South African Ferroalloys Summit

1:00PM South African ferroalloys meet and greet

From great interest from the market and those who attended our event in Johannesburg, we are bringing a half day dedicated to the South African market. Join us as we introduce further content to the conference with a keen look into the developments within this ferroalloys market specifically look closely at discussions around energy, transportation, rules of origin and more.

1:15PM Opening Remarks
Lara Smith, Managing Director, Core Consultants
1:30PM Energy on the back burner or still aflame?
  • Overview of historical data and trends for electricity prices in mining markets
  • What have been the implications for the mining supply chain? Will these be sustained?
  • Will the approved average increase in energy cost of a 2.2% bring challenges to the sale mined materials from South Africa to the international market?
Abubekir Salim, Managing Director, Vunani Resources
2:00PM Power and cost savings through technology and its impacts on the South African market
  • What are the benefits of external combustion Stirling engines?
  • With the increasing costs in energy, how can technology support in the reduction of electricity consumption? 
  • How can technology support in the 5% reduction of production costs?
  • How does this benefit South African producers against its geographical competitors?
Roelof Retief, EVP South Africa, Ripasso Energy
2:30PM Networking break
3:00PM The state of the South African ferroalloys market
  • How are the new regulation and political movements going to push activity in the South African market?
  • What are the potential movements in southern Africa more generally?  
  • Ferrosilicon and it's stake in the South African market: one actor or beyond?
  • Where will the changes in mining applications and policy be most identifiable?

Kevin Fowkes, Managing Consultant, Alloy Consult

3:30PM Competing with the major players – Chrome in the spotlight
  • What have been the challenges of the South African market in light of the product in the marketing from China, Turkey and Russia?
  • How will regulation play a role going forward to support South African in providing an alternative ferrochrome?
  • Origin of material: How are the challenges related to illegal mining and origin of material being tackled in the South African market?
  • Will integration remain a strategy going forward or will ores and alloys be unrelated?
  • How will the demand for alloy or ore play out once the expected Chinese smelting capacity comes online?
Dr Danko Konchar, COO, Afarak Group
4:00PM Origin of material: A question of manganese?
  • How are the challenges related to illegal mining and origin of material being tackled in the South African market?
  • Will integration remain a strategy going forward or will ores and alloys be unrelated?
  • How will the demand for alloy or ore play out once the expected Chinese smelting capacity comes online?
Thembelani Gantsho, Joint CEO, Kudumane Manganese Resources
4:30PM End of South African Ferroalloys Summit

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