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Agenda Overview

Workshop Day: Monday, December 4, 2017

8:00AM Registration Opens

All timings are approximate and subject to change

Click here for a visual representation of 2017's draft agenda

Stream 1

9:00AM Workshop
2:00PM Workshop
5:00PM Welcome Reception

Stream 2

9:00AM Workshop
2:00PM Workshop
5:00PM Welcome Reception

Day 1 Conference: Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Plenary Session

9:00AM Plenary Session

All timings are approximate and subject to change

Click here for a visual representation of 2017's draft agenda

Executive panel: where is the Middle East iron and steel industry heading towards?

  • What does the future of the Middle East steel industry look like? What is driving this direction?
  • The impact of raw material prices and availability: is this the new reality?
  • How will the industry adapt to changing energy costs in the region?
  • How can the industry work together to maximise profits without compromising on competitive edge?          

The UAE’s vision for the future: how does steel contribute?

  • How is the UAE positioning its economy for prosperity? How does steel fit in?
  • An update on the new tax regulations: how do new rules stand to benefit the country as a whole?
  • Where does the steel industry fit into the UAE’s environmental policy? 

The Saudi Arabian economy and plans

  • An overview of the government’s vision for economic prosperity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • What strategies have been deployed to reduce exposure to oil prices? Where does the steel industry fit into these plans?
  • To what extent will new development projects in the Kingdom drive steel demand domestically and regionally?  

Global economic outlook: what does this mean for steel

  • An overview of global steel supply and demand
  • What are the key geopolitical and economic factors integral to global steel demand?
  • Where will we see the most promising and steady demand for steel? How does this align with current global capacity?
  • How does the Middle East fit into all of this? A bullish or bearish outlook for the region?     

BONUS SPEAKER: Ranulph Fiennes- winning against the odds

  • Sir Ranulph Fines was described by the Guinness Book of Records as the “the world’s greatest living explorer”.
  • Hear from this extraordinary living legend about how he has managed to stay ahead of the competition in the face of extreme adversity.
  • His reputation exceeds him as a story teller and captivating narrator.
12:30PM Sabic Sponsored Lunch

Stream 1

2:00PM Middle East focus

Opportunities for steel in the economies of the Middle East

  • What is driving the steel industry in the Middle East?
  • How is the Middle East changing in terms of the steel products being offered and the markets being targeted?
  • What is the impact of recent political changes in the relationship between GCC members? How will this impact regional and global steel markets?

Trade and tariffs overview: how will they impact your business?

  • What are the key arguments for and against protectionist measures when it comes to the import of certain steel products?
  • Which products are most relevant in this discussion?
  • How likely is this to translate into tariffs being introduced? For which products? Will this be GCC wide?

An update from the Turkish steel exporters

  • How much steel is Turkey expecting to export?
  • Where are the key MENA markets for Turkish steel exports?
  • Is the Turkish steel industry at maximum capacity? To what extent could volumes increase?

Iraq focus

  • What are the plans to after the sustained period of political and developmental stagnation?
  • Who is still operating in Iraq both from a steel and construction perspective?
  • Where will steel be sourced? How much will be required?
  • Where can opportunity be found within extensive redevelopment plans? Are there attractive investment opportunities?
5:30PM Diamond Drinks Reception

Stream 2

2:00PM Global focus

Analyst panel: where are we in the cycle?

  • Are we currently at the top or bottom of the cycle? How can a prediction be made when markets have changed so much in recent years?
  • What is driving prices for steel and iron ore?
  • Is demand for steel likely to increase? How does this match up to current capacity?  

    Oil price recovery

    • Will oil prices rebound and to what extent? Will we ever reach the dizzy heights of 2014 again?
    • How do environmental regulations both within the region and globally stand to impact oil prices?
    • In what ways is the GCC diversifying from oil? Has exposure been limited?

    The growing need for risk management

    • Is the appetite for risk management in the region big enough to bring about a universal change in approach?
    • Is the necessary infrastructure in place in terms of credit lines, exchange capability and relevant contracts?
    • What volumes of steel are being traded in and out of the Middle East? What is driving these figures?

      An update from China

      • How much steel is being consumed in China and is this set to change?
      • What is the situation with Chinese scrap and what potential impact does this have on the Middle East?
      • How much long product is being exported from China at present? Have domestic prices changed for products like billet and HRC?
      • What is China’s current steel capacity?

      Capacity update from Iran

      • What is Iran’s current production capacity? Where is steel being consumed?
      • How big is the domestic market for steel? Does production meet domestic demand?
      • An overview of new steel projects and their collective capacity

      Trade sanctions update- Iran

      • What is the latest with international trade sanctions
      • How will these impact the Iranian steel industry?
      • What does this mean for international companies which want to do business in Iran?
      5:30PM Diamond Drinks Reception

      Stream 3

      2:00PM Round Tables

      Round table dicusssion: Bahrain Steel- pelletization and beyond

      Round table dicusssion: Trade and tariffs- what next for the Middle East?

      Round table dicusssion: End product pricing

      Round table dicusssion: Raw material supply and costs

      Round table dicusssion: Iron ore futures contracts

      Round table dicusssion: Iran- opportunities 

      Round table dicusssion: Pricing


      5:30PM Diamond Drinks Reception

      Day 2 Conference: Wednesday, December 6, 2017

      Plenary Session

      9:00AM Plenary Session

      All timings are approximate and subject to change

      Click here for a visual representation of 2017's draft agenda

      Executive Interview: Emirates Steel

      • A vision for the future of the UAE: how will Emirates Steel contribute to the goals of UAE 2020?
      • Overcoming changes in energy subsidies: how will this help to make Emirates Steel stronger in the long run?
      • What have been the primary challenges of Emirates Steels’ significant goals to cut operating costs? How has the company excelled in meeting these targets?

      Steel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

      • What plans does Sabic have in the pipeline?
      • How is steel production progressing in Saudi Arabia?
      • How is Sabic preparing for potential upturn in the steel industry both regionally and globally?     

      Steel end-users: what do they want?

      • An overview of the main development and construction projects across the Middle East
      • How much steel will be required? Is there local capacity to meet this demand?
      • What do steel purchasers want to see from steel producers? Can greater levels of synergy be created between these two parts of the supply chain?       

      Frontier technology panel: innovation in the steel industry

      • What factors are driving technological development? Is this the same globally or is the Middle East unique?
      • Will the trend of incremental technology upgrades continue? Will it take oil price increases to fund new projects?
      • How is efficiency being increased?

      12:30PM AGIS Sponsored Lunch

      Stream 1

      2:00PM Production and Raw Materials

      Iron ore panel: what is driving prices?

      • What is the current DR pellet capacity globally and is this set to change? Is this enough to meet demand?
      • How is this affecting prices and premiums?
      • How are some steel mills adapting to use lower grade DRI pellets? How does this impact other costs?
      • Where is the Middle East sourcing its Iron ore?
      • What part does China have to play in pricing and dynamics?

      Metal Bulletin pricing workshop

      • An overview of Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market steel pricing capacity
      • What methodology is used to ensure that prices are accurate and reliable?
      • Which new prices are going to be offered and why?

      Scrap supply in the Middle East

      • What are the cost benefits of using more scrap?
      • Is the move towards upgrading scrap use capability here to stay or a temporary reaction to DR pellet price and availability?
      • Where is scrap available currently and where will future supply come from?

      Freight costs: what is the impact on the industry?

      • What is driving current freight rates? Does this go beyond fuel prices?
      • How has this impacted the steel industry?

      Stream 2

      2:00PM Technology

      New ways of reducing costs

      • What is driving the shift from volume focussed production to profit driven strategy?
      • How can handling waste material stand to benefit the bottom line? What kind of technology is on offer for this?
      • Can blast furnace pellets be used with success in the EAF?

      Addiional technology presentations to be confirmed 

      Day 4 North Africa Summit: Thursday, December 7, 2017

      Morning Sessions: North Africa Iron and Steel Summit

      9:00AM Plenary Session

      All timings are approximate and subject to change

      Click here for a visual representation of 2017's draft agenda

      EZZ and Egypt’s growth

      • How is EZZ Steel positioning itself for success operationally? How has efficiency been improved?
      • An overview of the development projects planned in Egypt at present from construction of the second administrative city to plans for a nuclear power plant
      • How much steel is being imported into Egypt? Which products are in demand?

      Iron ore supply to North Africa

      • An overview of CIS imports into the region
      • What is going on with prices? Will things stabilise after having spiralled out of control?
      • How are procurement strategies shaped around global markets? How can exposure be reduced?

      Economic and political outlook

      • Are we seeing a wave of stability in the region? What are the key political issues to look out for?
      • What factors should be considered when considering doing business with North African companies?
      • How are antidumping issues likely to impact the steel industry?

      New projects driving demand in North Africa

      • Where are the biggest new projects planned in the region? Where will funding come from?
      • What kind of steel demand is likely to be generated?
      • Where are the key growth areas across the steel supply chain and across the region?
      • Does the region have the capacity to supply the steel requirements or will imports be required

      Anti-dumping update from Egypt

      • What are the Egyptian government’s plans for anti-dumpling measures? Have decisions been made? What do they mean?
      • How will this impact each part of the steel supply chain?
      • What will dictate the direction of future policy? How can companies plan to anticipate changes?

      Afternoon Sessions: North Africa Iron and Steel Summit

      2:00PM Country Focus

      Algeria focus

      • What are the key exciting opportunities in the Algerian steel industry? Are there opportunities for investment?
      • How much steel is being consumed in Algeria? Does domestic supply meet demand?
      • Are there plans for any new projects beyond current new mills being built?

      Libya focus

      • Are there plans for development and regeneration projects?
      • What volume and kind of steel consumption can be expected? Is investment capital for new projects in place?
      • How is the government working to create an environment of prosperity in Libya?

      Morocco focus

      • An overview of new projects and opportunities in Morocco
      • Where is the Moroccan steel industry heading?
      • What is Morocco’s net consumption of steel and is domestic production enough to meet demand?