SBQ steel

“SBQ” is generally used in the USA, while in Europe the term “engineering steels” is more common. Both terms refer to steel types as well as to bar products, and as they are often associated with the steel grades, they refer to billet and slab as well as bar.

The superior mechanical properties and defect-free surface of SBQ make it indispensable in the manufacture of components – often safety-critical components – that are in motion. Applications include gears, shafts, axles, drive trains and suspensions for automobiles, off-highway vehicles and industrial capital equipment, plus some components for aerospace and oil drilling.

Corus Engineering Steels (CES) claims to produce Europe’s most comprehensive size and specification range of engineering steels, from carbon and carbon manganese steels, below the definition of SBQ, right through to stainless steels and specialist alloys for high temperature use.

Republic Engineered Products, based in Ohio, USA, is North America’s largest...


November 08, 2006

13:03 GMT