(AMM) Cliffs' Black Thor to supply charge chrome to US mart

Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. will focus on supplying the North American market with charge chrome during the ramp-up phase of its Black Thor project in the Far North of Ontario, a company spokeswoman told AMM.

"We could provide a stable, steady supply to the North American stainless market," she said. "From a logistics side, there's an attractiveness to that."

The company will also look to export to Europe, she added.

Looking further afield, the Cleveland-based company might consider exporting concentrate to countries such as China.

"Concentrate is a potential part of the product that we could export to China," she said.

Black Thor is slated to start production in 2015 and at its peak will produce about 2.5 million tonnes of ore and 550,000 tonnes of...


February 09, 2011

14:37 GMT