(AMM) Carbide Industries blast puts supply in question

North American steelmakers are scrambling to find sources of calcium carbide in the wake of a fatal explosion at Carbide Industries LLC in Louisville, Ky.

The explosion leaves Carbide Industries unable to supply its customers. With only one other U.S. producer of calcium carbide—Central Carbide LLC, Pryor, Okla., is the other—North American steel producers are left short of supply.

"We’re looking for other sources to supply our customers," John Gant, general manager of Carbide Industries, told AMM. "We have some in stock, and we’ll try to get some from Central Carbide, but we are looking to other sources as well. We’re going to do whatever we can."

George Jansen, sales manager with Carbide Industries, said the company produces about...


March 27, 2011

02:38 GMT