Tide turns on antimony amid rumours of customs crackdown

Antimony rose on Friday amid a mooted rebound in consumer activity and rumours that customs authorities in China are launching a ‘crackdown’ on illegal cross-border trade

MB free-market standard grade II antimony rose to $13,500-14,000 per tonne, from $13,000-13,750 per tonne previously. Trioxide grade antimony stood at $13,750-14,250 per tonne, up from $13,250-14,000 per tonne, as sources reported stronger offers from Chinese producers. High-quality material was being offered as high as $14,500 per tonne. “I was able to pick up a box of standard grade at $13,500, but all the new offers I’m getting from China are at $14,000 now,” one trader said. “I think the producers are seeing...


Mark Burton

July 08, 2011

16:47 GMT