Cadmium falls amid warnings of distressed sales

Cadmium fell on Friday as sources reported weaker market conditions in China and India, while rumours of a stock overhang in Europe also weighed on already fragile sentiment

Free-market 4N cadmium fell to $1.10-1.30 per lb on Friday from $1.20-1.40 per lb, as sources reported weaker sales and cheaper purchases.  Free-market 3N5 cadmium fell to $1.05-1.25 per lb from $1.15-1.35 previously, although most business was conducted on higher-grade material. In China, there is still a premium for 4N grade material, but there is little 3N5 material traded on the spot market in Europe as most is sold domestically and on long-term contracts in...


Mark Burton

July 22, 2011

14:27 GMT