20 tonnes of Votorantim cobalt stolen in Antwerp

A container with 20 tonnes of cobalt was stolen from the MSC shipping company site in the Antwerp harbour, Scheldelaan, quay 730 on November 14 said the Belgian police.

Belgian police estimated the value of the cargo to be $650,000.

The number of the stolen container is IPXU3535768. It contained 20 pallets stacked with a tonne of cobalt each. The cobalt was produced by Votorantim.

Each of the drums is all marked with a superscription "electrolytic cobalt" and the serial number 1610449E11.

The container was collected by a Dutch lorry, the Belgian police said.

Any feedback on this theft should be sent to Patrick Delemarre of the Belgian police.

Email: djb.vols@telenet.be.

Phone: +32 2 642 65 82.

Paulina Pielichata


Paulina Pielichata

November 22, 2011

18:07 GMT