UK secondary aluminium prices dip on European influence

UK secondary aluminium ingot prices fell slightly on December 7 as the market continues to struggle under the influence of events taking place in the eurozone.

LM24 pressure diecasting ingot dipped on the low end to £1,490-1,550 ($2,327-2,421) per tonne from £1,500-1,550 previously, while LM6/LM25 gravity diecasting ingot fell to £1,780-1,840 per tonne from £1,790-1,850 previously. “LM24 has just nudged under £1,500 for volume, but five- to ten-tonne lots are still well above £1,500,” an ingot producer said. Market participants have fallen into a wait-and-see mentality ahead of the EU heads-of-state summit on December 9, after...


Jethro Wookey

December 07, 2011

15:01 GMT