Md. officials press RG Steel on plans for Sparrows Point

A number of high-level Maryland officials are seeking answers—and action—as RG Steel LLC’s Sparrows Point mill concludes its first week on shutdown without a word from the company.

RG Steel, which laid off more than 750 workers after idling its “L” blast furnace in the days before Christmas (AMM, Dec. 26), has not yet indicated how long it expects the curtailment to last, drawing ire from elected officials in search of transparency for their constituents. “There’s growing frustration with the lack of information,” a spokesman for Baltimore County executive Kevin Kamenetz told AMM Friday. “Kamenetz is mobilizing the county team in economic development, in workforce development, as well as in other agencies to provide whatever support we can to the steelworkers both short- and long-term, but it’s very difficult to know exactly what services the steelworkers will need without some real insight into the company as to their plans...


Anne Riley

December 31, 2011

00:00 GMT

New York