MINOR METALS 2012: There is no shortage of indium – Indium Corp

There is no shortage of indium in the world, though the market may be susceptible to short-term supply pinches, Indium Corp’s Malcolm Harrower told delegates at the Metal Bulletin Minor Metals 2012 Conference in Brussels.

World annual primary and secondary production stood at 1,500 tonnes in 2010, Indium Corp said, with demand for indium-tin-oxide (ITO) sputtering targets said to account for around 55% of world demand.
In a separate presentation, Umicore’s Christophe Murez forecast that indium production will total 1,500-1,700 tonnes in 2012, with virgin supply accounting for around a third of total output.
The ITO target market, which Murez said accounts for 75-85% of total consumption, will require around 1,100 tonnes of primary and secondary indium in 2012, with further double-digit growth expected for the coming three years.
But while the forecasts for ITO demand implied a relatively tight market, both Murez and Harrower agreed there will be no great shortage of metal.

Indium Corp estimated proven indium reserves from existing mines at 50,000 tonnes, a volume that will be sufficient to satisfy demand for the next 75 years,...


Mark Burton

February 16, 2012

10:11 GMT