China said to repeal export taxes targeted by WTO case

China has apparently decided to heed a World Trade Organisation ruling by removing a range of raw material export taxes that were the target of a successful WTO complaint.

None of the materials concerned — which include silicon, magnesium, manganese flake and metallurgical coke — were included in an updated schedule of customs tariffs for 2013 posted on the website of the ministry of finance on Monday.
The WTO last year backed a complaint from the US, the European Union and Mexico that China’s raw materials export regime distorted international markets in several materials. In January this year, China had indicated it would comply with the ruling "in a reasonable period" after losing an appeal.

An official at the taxation department of the ministry of finance told Metal Bulletin that a 20% tax on manganese, 15% tax on silicon and 40% tax on metallurgical coke would be cancelled from the start of next year. Local websites reported that taxes on all nine materials included...


Rena Gu

December 18, 2012

09:39 GMT