REVIEW: Steel’s poor show let down Chinese alloys market this year

“It’s been a hard year for us” – that’s how most bulk alloys traders and producers in China sum up the past twelve months.

The Chinese ferro-alloys market had a rough 2012, especially in the second half of the year when poor steel output took a toll on demand.
The slowdown in economy, especially in the construction sector, hit steel and raw materials markets, as steelmakers stopped purchases to run down high-priced inventories.
The result, in the fourth quarter, Chinese domestic ferro-chrome prices were 13% off their 2012 high, ferro-silicon was down 9% while ferro-manganese was 14% lower. Silico-manganese, used as a key ingredient in basic construction steels, was the worst hit.


Rena Gu

December 20, 2012

10:25 GMT