Brazil nearly doubles iron ore exports to Europe in January

Brazilian iron ore exports to the European Union almost doubled in January 2013 compared with the corresponding month in 2012.

Exports were at 4.11 million tonnes, against 2.1 million tonnes a year earlier, according to Brazilian customs data.
The country’s major iron ore consumer, China, increased its imports by 33.2% year-on-year in January, from 10.03 million tonnes to 13.36 million tonnes.
Iron ore exports to Japan rose by 5.8% in the same comparison, from 2.05 million tonnes to 2.17 million tonnes.
Brazil’s total iron ore exports came to 24.65 million tonnes in January, up from 18.18 million tonnes in the same month in 2012.

Ana Paula Camargo


Ana Paula Camargo

February 14, 2013

16:25 GMT

São Paulo