Brazilian pig iron prices plunge in deal to the USA

Merchant pig iron producers in Brazil’s northern region of Carajás have suffered a drop of more than $20 per tonne in their export price to the USA, following several weeks with no transactions.

One cargo of 70,000 tonnes was sold to US buyers early this week at $410 per tonne cfr Port of New Orleans (NOLA) in Louisiana, which is down from the previous $432 per tonne achieved at the end of March, sources told Steel First. The cargo will be shipped at the end of June, with part of it heading immediately to the port of Mobile in Alabama at a final price of $412 per tonne cfr. With the fall in price, Carajás pig iron prices fell below the $400 per tonne...


Juan Weik

May 17, 2013

16:35 GMT

São Paulo