Carajás pig iron makers see small price recovery in US deals

Merchant pig iron makers in Brazil’s northern region of Carajás have recently closed two deals totalling 140,000 tonnes at prices slightly higher than the previous sale, sources told Steel First on Friday June 28.

One of the deals, comprising 70,000 tonnes, was closed by a group of Carajás producers directly with a major US steelmaker for $395 per tonne cfr New Orleans Port (NOLA).
The other sale was concluded by a different set of pig-iron makers with separate buyers.
In both cases, the material is to be shipped to the USA in August.

The price for the second deal averaged $400 per tonne cfr NOLA, with 50,000 tonnes sold at $399 per...


Juan Weik

June 28, 2013

18:30 GMT

São Paulo