INTERVIEW: China still needs European plantmakers, says Danieli Asia ceo

The world’s biggest steel producing nation will still need European plant engineers in the coming years, according to Matteo Bavaresco, ceo of China and Asia for Italian machinery specialist Danieli.

Although Chinese steelmaking engineers are catching up fast, European skills and experience will still be needed, Bavaresco told Steel First in a recent interview in Changshu, Jiangsu province, China.
“[China] is still importing equipment, because of the difference in performance,” he said.
“I think it will still take some years for China to catch up because it is more about the process than just the technology,” he added.
Bavaresco plays down concerns of domestic plant engineers copying Danieli’s technology and taking market share.
“It is all about experience that you get from seeing something grow from a basic design to the commissioning. This experience can only come from the developer. When things do get copied, the result is not the same,” the head of the company’s Asian arm said.

The Italian-headquartered plant engineer has two manufacturing locations in China, in Changshu...


Elfi Middelbeek

October 25, 2013

06:04 GMT