HOTLINE: Glencore goes Gangnam style?

The biggest debate in the Swiss city of Zug right now is not how much higher physical premiums might go; it’s who will be providing entertainment for Glencore Xstrata at the company’s annual holiday party.

Company employees are scouring websites for hints of which bands or musicians might be touring in nearby locations or headlining gigs in Frankfurt or Basel.

But it’s not much help; entertainers have been flown in at the last minute in previous years, and anybody in the know has been made to sign what is effectively the Glencore Xstrata Official Secrets Act to prevent the closely guarded identity from leaking out.

Last year, UB40 led Glencore staff in the holiday dancing. The year before, Simply Red took to the stage, and in 2010, employees rocked out to Simple Minds.

So who might be Glencore Xstrata traders and mining executives be listening to on Thursday December 5 in the giant Bossard Arena, the hockey stadium that seats around 7,000 for its National League games?

Could Miley Cyrus get the crowd twerking? Perhaps 80s band the Pet Shop Boys will showcase their single, ‘Opportunities (let’s make lots of money)’ or their peers ABC will teach ‘How to be a…zillionaire!’

All will soon be revealed.

Perhaps best of all would be Korean pop sensation PSY showing Glencore Xstrata and its management team how to do it Gangnam Style.

Andrea Hotter


Andrea Hotter

December 05, 2013

02:49 GMT

New York