[UPDATED] Mn ore shipment delays feared amid logistics disruptions at Port Elizabeth

Manganese ore shipment delays are expected at Port Elizabeth after severe weather and equipment breakdowns created a backlog in loading and transportation, as port maintenance looms.

Shipment of some tonnages several weeks further out has already been postponed because the disruption is preventing material being loaded at mines in preparation for those shipments, Metal Bulletin understands. There could be further delays loading ore at the mines because trains have been cancelled due to the lack of empty wagons available to travel back to the mines to pick up ore. Rail capacity is structured so that the next vessel in line to be shipped has priority. Companies planning further ahead could struggle to secure capacity. Rain has also caused operational problems at the mines, Metal Bulletin understands. “I am confident that the bad weather and the breakdown will contribute to less material being shipped and mined in February,” one...


Janie Davies

February 12, 2014

15:49 GMT