Sierra Leone becomes top-six supplier of iron ore to China

Sierra Leone became the sixth-biggest supplier of iron ore to China in January, exporting higher volumes to the world’s top consumer of the steelmaking raw material than Canada, Ukraine, India and Chile.

Chinese customs figures released on Wednesday February 26 showed that Sierra Leone exported 1.77 million tonnes to China in January, almost double the volume exported by the country's miners to China in December
The increase has been driven by higher output from Sierra Leone’s two active iron ore producers, London-listed companies African Minerals and London Mining.
Both miners started production in late 2011 and between them produced a total of 11.1 million tonnes of iron ore in 2013.
“Consumers are starting to regard West Africa as a reliable new source of iron ore supply,” London Mining ceo Graeme Hossie told Steel First on



February 26, 2014

17:19 GMT