What did we learn about Indonesian tin last week?

Indonesia is the second biggest producer of tin in the world after China and the largest exporter. The Bangka Belitung islands lying north of Sumatra produce 90% of Indonesia’s tin, and are together known as “tin island”.

Here is what Metal Bulletin learned at the first Indonesian tin conference and exhibit in Bangka last week. 1. The global tin market is forecast to be in deficit for the fifth year in 2014, and the average tin price is expected to hit $26,000 per tonne. 2. China, the biggest producer and consumer of tin, will increase its share of the pie. China accounts for 45% of world tin usage, ITRI’s Cui Lan said. "We forecast that in the next five years China will take half of the world demand." 3. The...


Shivani Singh

March 20, 2014

12:00 GMT