LME keeps clearinghouse fees steady, introduces annual levies

The London Metal Exchange has set the day-to-day fees for using the soon-to-be-launched LMEClear at the same level as existing LCH.Clearnet tariffs.

But clearinghouse members will be required to pay new recurring annual charges covering their own membership and the registration of individual and pooled client accounts with LMEClear, which is scheduled to launch in September.
The clearing fee for all exchange-traded derivatives will be $0.25 per lot, or £0.15, while option exercise and assignment fees will be $0.08, or £0.05, the exchange announced on Friday May 9.
Cash settlement fees and delivery fees are also unchanged at $0.08 per lot and $0.35 per lot, respectively. On a sterling basis, all fees are unchanged from the current LCH.Clearnet tariff.

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Mark Burton

May 09, 2014

12:19 GMT