Fanya's application to join MMTA drives fierce debate

The Fanya exchange’s application to join the Minor Metals Trade Assn (MMTA) has provoked controversy among members, as some continue to raise questions about how the exchange works, while others argue it is an integral part of the minor metals market that needs to be accepted.

The suggestion that Kunming-based Fanya, which publishes prices and stock levels for minor metals including indium, bismuth and selenium, may join the MMTA has raised concerns that it could lead to increased regulation of the association. Some also say the MMTA should distance itself from promoting retail investors' involvement in the opaque minor metals market.
The Fanya Metal Exchange participated in a question and answer session at the MMTA’s recent conference, which over ran as participants posed questions of Fanya vp Scarlett Zhang. Fanya's chairman Jiuliang Shan also attended the conference.
“The moment we are party to the delivery of services to investors we are no longer in the metal trade. We would have to be regulated and that is not a path the MMTA should go down,” Anthony Lipmann of Lipmann Walton told Metal Bulletin.

But others have commented that the exchange has increased...


Chloe Smith

May 12, 2014

16:07 GMT