Ilva eyes DRI switch at Taranto plant in bid to slash pollution

Taranto, Europe’s largest steel mill, could switch to using direct reduced iron (DRI) instead of iron ore in a bid to reduce toxic emissions, according to the industrial plan drafted by former special commissioner Enrico Bondi.

The switch to DRI at the Ilva-owned Taranto steel plant in Italy has been highlighted as a key step to cut pollution at the facility, according an environmental plan (AIA) approved by the Italian government last month.
The steel mill was found to be in breach of environmental laws in 2012, leading to the arrest of several company officials and the company being placed under special administration by the Italian government.

The plan, which has not been released in full, is made up of two distinct phases, union sources told Steel...


Antonio Peciccia

June 09, 2014

20:04 GMT