FEATURE: Chinese flats exporters wary of potential US trade action

The possibility of trade action from the USA has sparked concern among China’s exporters of coated and cold rolled coil about the potential impact on their business.

“I’ve heard people talking about the possibility of US anti-dumping investigation on Chinese flat products. Since nothing has happened yet, I will wait until the decision is made,” a Shanghai-based trader told Steel First.
“It will surely be a big case if the USA really starts anti-dumping investigation on Chinese coated and cold rolled steel, as it’s a major export destination for these products,” a second Shanghai-based trader said.
“I’ve checked with our trading agencies there, and have not heard about any substantial movement from them. But I will certainly keep any eye on that and pay attention to market reactions,” she said.

Currently, the trading company is still receiving enquiries for CRC and coated steel from the...


July 09, 2014

12:37 GMT