Brazil boosts bauxite, alumina exports on domestic cutbacks, foreign opportunities

Upstream activity has been playing a more strategic role in Brazilian aluminium industry, with growing exports of bauxite and alumina being responsible for the sector’s trade surplus, according to the country’s aluminium association, Abal.

“With the drop in primary aluminum exports, alumina and bauxite have become the driving forces of the sector's trade balance,” Otávio Carvalheira, coordinator of the upstream workgroup at Abal, said. Having the third largest bauxite reserves in the world, Brazil exported 4.2 million tonnes of the aluminium ore from January to June 2014, up by 13.7% from the corresponding months of last year, according to figures from the country’s trade ministry. China has increased its purchases of Brazilian aluminium ore by 39.2% in the first half of the year, to 406,209 tonnes, as a result of the ban on exports at its main supplier, Indonesia. While Brazil is not the most competitive supplier for the China, because...


Danielle Assalve

July 21, 2014

10:31 GMT

São Paulo