QINGDAO PROBE: Timeline of events, and potential consequences

Metal Bulletin's timeline of how the Qingdao scandal has unfolded and how the industry has responded.

More details are emerging about the possible exposure of different companies to events in Qingdao port. On June 2, Metal Bulletin revealed authorities had blocked the shipment of some materials at the port as they investigated the allegedly fraudulent use of warehouse receipts multiple times to raise finance. Metal Bulletin looks at the timeline of events so far. May 2013: HSBC grants a banking facility of up to $30 million to Zhong Jun, the international trading subsidiary of Dezheng Resources, which is reported to be at the centre of a Chinese probe into a warehouse in Qingdao June 2013: BNP Paribas Hong Kong signed alumina and aluminium supply contracts with Zhong Jun July 2013: Zhong Jun accepts the banking facility and signs a “trade finance security agreement” with HSBC August 2013: Zhong Jun and Standard Chartered (Hong Kong) file an “offtake contract assignment”, allowing for the offtake of aluminium supplied...


Chloe Smith

August 04, 2014

10:25 GMT