2014 REVIEW: Mexico considers action on US rebar trade ruling

Mexican long steel producers and the country’s national steel association, Canacero, are considering appealing to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to overturn a US anti-dumping resolution on rebar.

“Mexican steelmakers are examining whether it is viable, with support from the country’s economic secretariat, to appeal to the World Trade Organization,” Canacero md Salvador Quesada Salinas told Steel First on Tuesday November 11, 2014.
“We believe that the volume that we export to the USA is too low to really affect the US market,” he added.
Total imports into the USA from Mexico represent about 4% of the US domestic market, with a trade deficit – the difference between imports and exports – of 2 million tonnes of steel, representing $3 billion last year, Canacero said.

Asked if this measure is unfair, Quesada Salinas said: “Beyond the measure of what is or is not fair, the percentage of exports of rebar to the USA is very small, but we are waiting for the official channels to...


December 25, 2014

07:00 GMT

Mexico City