Fanya uncertainty weighs on bismuth, indium as suppliers push to sell

Uncertainty about the Fanya Metal Exchange continued to weigh on indium and bismuth prices this week, as suppliers were keen to rid themselves of material on doubts over the outlook for the exchange.

The uncertainty arose after Fanya made several statements about official inspections into its business and changes to its trading rules. Bismuth prices dropped by 40 cents to $10.80-11.40 per lb this week, while indium prices dropped $5 to $665-725 per kg. 
“It is a bit of a scramble for the door [on bismuth],” a European trader told Metal Bulletin.
Bismuth prices have fallen more than 12% from their peak in the summer, with the drop partly caused by liquidity problems in China.

But question marks over the Fanya exchange have also had an effect on the bismuth...


Chloe Smith

December 11, 2014

12:25 GMT