INTERVIEW: Emirates Steel focuses on efficiency

When asked about the key focus for his company for the next year, the ceo of Emirates Steel answers without hesitation: “Efficiency – that’s what we are going to focus on for 2015.”

Saeed Al-Romaithi said the company will continue to focus on cost reduction and efficiency in work processes, following a rapid two-phase expansion of the business since it was established in 1998. At the same time, Al-Romaithi wants to explore more strategic markets for the company, “markets that make good sense for us in the long-term”, he said, and highlighted India as an example. This is in addition to serving its existing customer base. A third pillar for the business will be the further development in value-added products. “In 2015, we will focus on producing more qualities that can be used in new markets. We will establish new markets for wire rod and high-carbon grades,” Al-Romaithi said. “So I see [next year] as a continuation of what we are doing. More products, more focus on markets, more initiatives, more innovative products.” Lack of gas This focus on efficiencies and new products for new markets from its...


Vera Blei

December 16, 2014

09:17 GMT