Antimony market braced for further price falls

The antimony market faces a weak outlook for 2015, as a continued lack of demand and reduced support from the Fanya Metal Exchange are likely to keep prices falling, sources told Metal Bulletin.

While last year many market participants were confident that production costs would provide a floor for the antimony market, they are now contemplating the prospect that prices may drop as low as the $6,000s.
“Last year we thought $8,000-10,000 per tonne was the range antimony would trade in, and it did stay in that range, but this year it looks like $6,000-8,000 will be the new range,” a trader based in Europe said.
The drop in antimony prices has in part been accelerated by a sharp fall in offer prices from some producers in China, who need to repay loans before the end of the year.

This comes after a pause in stockpiling on the Fanya exchange, resulting from policy changes in the...


Chloe Smith

January 12, 2015

11:20 GMT