Antimony prices plummet on panic selling

Antimony prices tumbled on Wednesday January 14, as traders cut offers on a slump in sentiment driven by a lack of demand and concerns over the Fanya Metal Exchange.

Antimony trioxide grade prices fell as much as $500 to $7,800-8,200 per tonne, while standard grade II prices dropped to $7,700-8,100, the lowest level since April 2010.
“The antimony market is a bit of a disaster,” a trader told Metal Bulletin. “The market is almost collapsing and prices are going down daily.
“There is no good news out there. Nobody is in the market to buy and all we are getting are unsolicited offers from China,” he said. “It is a January sale for antimony.”

Antimony prices have been falling since the end of last year, as a push to pay back loans ahead of the...


Chloe Smith

January 15, 2015

10:35 GMT