A closer look at two top executives behind the Fanya Metal Exchange

Since the Fanya Metal Exchange’s inception in 2011, it has incited curiosity in the minor metals markets as growing stockpiles drove indium prices up 55% and bismuth up 65% at their peak, with many struggling to understand how it worked and who was behind it.

And recent news about policy changes on the exchange, an official probe into its operations and three of its board members joining the animation company Imagi International, has only served to spark more interest. 
So, Metal Bulletin has taken a closer look into two of the top executives behind the Fanya Exchange and the company whose board they joined:

1. As well as joining the board of Imagi International, Shan Jiuliang, Fanya’s founder and chairman, and Zhang Peng, the exchange’s vp, have also bought a 20.95% shareholding in Imagi. They bought the shares from the company’s largest shareholder Idea Talent Limited, which is wholly...


Chloe Smith

February 23, 2015

12:33 GMT