INTERVIEW: Commodities to follow on Stock Connect, HKEx ceo says

Commodities are a natural fit for the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect model, but will be behind equities on the list to be added, the ceo of Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing (HKEx), Charles Li, told Metal Bulletin.

"The great success we've had with Stock Connect in China gives us the room to figure out how to do commodities in China properly; we're no longer under pressure, we just want to do it right. That breakthrough is creating great models for commodities to copy," Li said. "One the commodities side, we're still trying to find the common overlapping of interest. In equities it is easier, we both offer what the other side needed. In commodities it is still not that clear so we need to convince each other and them in particular that the LME is not competing on metals, and that to the extent that they do compete, we're actually offering lots of opportunities which on balance works better for them to work with us," Li added. With Shanghai and Hong Kong shares already on Stock Connect, the next plan is to add Shenzhen stocks. This is...


Andrea Hotter

March 13, 2015

20:51 GMT

Boca Raton, Florida