IMPALA VS WANXIANG: The judgement in detail – what it means for now and what the next steps are

The judgement may have been handed down in the Impala vs Wanxiang case, recently heard in a London court, but the dispute between the two companies is not over.

They came to court earlier in March when Impala Shanghai brought a claim against Wanxiang to have a mandatory anti-suit injunction imposed, in place of the interim injunction granted in 2014.

The question now is where the next phase of the dispute will take place, whatever form it may take. This may be the People’s Republic of China, England or Hong Kong.

The outcome of the case was such that Impala Shanghai has been granted in principle the anti-suit injunction to prevent Wanxiang from pursuing proceedings against Impala in Shanghai.

Importantly, though, the judgement pointed out that the order for the injunction was made “in personam” – i.e. directed at specific party – subject to the English court’s jurisdiction “requiring compliance with agreed terms”.

“It does not purport to have direct effect on the proceedings in the [People’s Republic of China]. This court respects such proceedings...


Claire Hack

March 31, 2015

01:39 GMT