CONFLICT MINERALS: Iuliu Winkler speaks on planned EU legislation after Global Witness criticisms

The success of planned European conflict minerals legislation does not hinge on whether or not it is mandatory, Romanian MEP and vice-chair of the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee (INTA) Iuliu Winkler has said.

The planned regulation, which centres on a system of conflict-free self-certification for European smelters and refiners of tungsten, tin, tantalum and gold, has seen heated discussion on whether this should be mandatory or voluntary.
antagonism between the mandatory and the voluntary approach in the regulation is a false dilemma; the real challenge is that of elaborating an efficient, workable regulation,” Winkler, who is the committee rapporteur for the proposed legislation, said.
His comments come after campaign group Global Witness criticised the proposed legislation, calling it “weak and ineffective”.
Amendments to the proposals were voted in at a meeting of INTA on
April 14, but calls for mandatory certification for all downstream operators were voted down, and Global Witness claimed that the “excessively narrow scope will likely fail to make a meaningful and lasting impact.”

Winkler said, however, that he believes compromises reached during the vote by the European People’s...


Claire Hack

April 21, 2015

02:20 GMT