HOTTER ON METALS: Gaming the aluminium rebate system

Over the past year, aluminium companies have had their fair share of complaints against the exporting patterns of Chinese extruders.

A year ago, allegations that China had been quietly exporting extrusions and remelting them into billet before sending it onto the USA were centred on Mexico as the conduit country. Later in the year, and perhaps due to the threat of a trade complaint, the focus of attention switched to Vietnam and Malaysia. The metals industry watched as Chinese exports of aluminium extrusions to Vietnam and Malaysia soared, with the majority reportedly coming from one exporter in the northeast of China. Customs data shows that extrusions exports to Malaysia were 25,212 tonnes in 2013. By 2014, they had reached 202,461 tonnes and accounted for a quarter of the entire year of Chinese extrusions exports. In Vietnam, extrusions exports rose from 6,529 tonnes in 2013 to 40,523 tonnes in 2014. To be clear: none of this...


Andrea Hotter

May 05, 2015

02:55 GMT

New York