LME WEEK ASIA: What’s on the agenda this year?

The slowdown in the Chinese economy, interest in equities over metals and rising influence of Chinese funds in the commodities market will be among the key talking points in Hong Kong this week as the metals industry gathers for LME WEEK Asia.

“A lot of new names are increasingly becoming prominent in the metals market,” a senior trader said.
“Not only hedge funds, but we will start seeing asset managers and other funds in China diversifying their investment portfolis and having an impact on commodities,” he added.
“This is a trend that was seen in the western market years ago and now we will see it happening in Asia.”
Movements in copper prices have been a clear manifestation of the kind of impact these funds are having, another trader said.

“A large fund is short on copper but it’s not a position followed by others in the...


Deepali Sharma

May 18, 2015

23:18 GMT

Hong Kong