COMMENT: A busy time for Zambian copper miners

Zambia’s plans to lower mining taxes from July 1 should help to repair relations between the government and copper miners, but stakeholders in the industry still have several other thorny issues to resolve, Metal Bulletin’s copper editor writes in this week’s issue of Copper Price Briefing.

It has been a busy time in Zambian mining, as the industry prepares for the repeal of controversial mining taxes on Wednesday, at the same time as politicians debate a ban on unprocessed copper exports and question procedures for treating complex concentrates.
Reacting to fierce criticism from the mining industry, Zambia is set to revert to a lower mining tax code from this week, in a move that will provide a lifeline to miners struggling to maintain profitability under the strain of lower copper prices and the country's existing 20% gross royalty on revenues from open-pit mining.

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Mark Burton

June 30, 2015

12:50 GMT