Fanya investors gather to ask Yunnan government for help

More than 400 investors who bought financial products on the Fanya Metal Exchange gathered at the government building on Monday morning, in Kunming, Yunnan province, where the exchange is based, to ask for help and to demand an investigation into who is responsible for the current situation on Fanya.

The investors, who said they have not been able to redeem their investments in Kunming-based Fanya on the basis they expected, wore a uniform white T-shirt with a slogan that reads: “We believe the government can stop the crisis and rescue people.”
Some also held a banner, which read: “Those that supervise, [are] those that are responsible for the event.”

The government closed the gate of the government building and placed numerous police in front of it.

“I am very sad that there’s no government person [who] can come out...


Rena Gu

July 20, 2015

12:26 GMT