SRB REVEALED: Who does the SRB work with?

Some observers estimate that the SRB employs upwards of 10,000 people, but for such a large organisation, responsibility for executive and commercial decisions lies with a very small team of agency executives.

At lower levels of the organisation’s structure, employees operate within a very narrow remit, with limited visibility of the activities carried out by other teams and departments.
In dealing with the SRB, its counterparties are required to operate in a similar fashion, and the bureau often orders material directly from the president or ceo of supplier companies, or their most senior departmental directors.
Given the importance of the relationship with the SRB, the heads of those supplier companies seek to execute the agreements with the utmost discretion, including by withholding details about the counterparty, the full size and the tenor of the sale, from lower levels within the company itself and from external counterparties.
Key suppliers
In the domestic market, the three main suppliers to the SRB are China Minmetals Corp, Jiangxi Copper Corp and China North Industries Corp (Norinco).

The SRB has also bought material from Metal Challenge,...


August 03, 2015

08:00 GMT