Investors rush to sheds in attempt to reclaim metals from Fanya

About 70 Fanya investors claimed metals from the minor metals exchange's warehouses on Tuesday August 4 as they tried to recover their investments.

Of these, about a dozen were trying to claim indium and germanium.

Fanya investor grabs indium from the exchange's Kunming warehouse, Tuesday August 4
Chinese spot indium prices fell on Tuesday amid rising concerns over possible increases in spot market supply as a result of the move.
At the time of publication, the investors were still trying to move metals, mainly indium, out of Fanya’s warehouse in Kunming.
The investors were led by an official from Fanya's investment department to the warehouse this afternoon, but were unable to provide the necessary documents to take the metals out of the warehouse, according to one of the spot sources.

Pictures provided from Kunming appear to show investors taking down...


Linda Lin

Rena Gu

August 04, 2015

12:29 GMT