Asian aluminium premiums stabilise as contango ends sell-off

Aluminium premiums in Asia have stabilised and even risen in some instances, with the contango lending support, after falling continually in recent months, according to market participants.

Metal Bulletin assessed the spot cif Japan premium at $100-120 per tonne this week, a rise of $5 at the higher end.
In Singapore and Johor, premiums were stable at $80-105 per tonne on an in-warehouse basis this week.
South Korea cif premiums were assessed at $95-120 per tonne, a rise of $5 at the higher end.
“The panic that had set in over the past few months resulting in the plunge in premiums has passed,” a trader in Japan said.

“The spot Japanese market is very gradually rising,” the...


Deepali Sharma

August 04, 2015

14:39 GMT