HOTLINE: Not predicting the indium market…

Looking back to the start of June, some ten weeks ago, Metal Bulletin posed the question: where will indium prices be by the end of the year?

We gave the following options:
Above $600 per kg
$500-600 per kg
$400-500 per kg
Below $400 per kg
At the time, more than half of the 170 people who answered were predicting that prices would be above $400, with 18% very bullish and seeing a number above $600 per kg.
However, since that time we’ve seen the near-collapse of the Fanya Metal Exchange – with its huge stocks of indium – as well as the recent devaluation of China’s currency, which have both heavily impacted sentiment, and consequently driven prices below $300.
Hotline asked a few market participants for their new predictions of prices by the end of the year, all of whom were predicting between $150-250 per kg, with one trader echoing others’ sentiments about the markets in general saying “the year really is a write-off for everyone. Bring on next year.”

James Heywood


James Heywood

August 14, 2015

09:27 GMT