Fanya consults investors on recouping payments

More than two weeks after the Fanya Metals Exchange delayed the rollout of its new trading system, it has contacted investors to propose possible ways to help recoup their investments.

In the consultation document, sent to investors on Tuesday September 15, the exchange said it plans to delist six metals from its platform – cobalt, rhodium, vanadium, silver, terbium and dysprosium – by buying the metals back from investors.
Of these, however, only vanadium has a selling price listed on the exchange. Investors in the other metals slated for delisting still do not know what price Fanya is offering, after the bourse missed its deadline to tell them.
The exchange also outlined three potential options for restructuring the business for indium, ammonium paratungstate, germanium, bismuth, antimony and gallium.

Option1: If both parties agree,...


Rena Gu

James Heywood

September 21, 2015

11:53 GMT

MB offices