Aluminum Association moves to curb 'fake semis'

In an effort to curb the flow of “fake semis” into North America, the Aluminum Association has asked US authorities to investigate the alleged misclassification of aluminium shipments from some Chinese entities.

“The Aluminum Association is concerned by allegations of the deliberate misclassification of metal to avoid relevant taxes and duties,” Aluminum Association vp of policy Charles Johnson wrote in a letter to Bradford Ward, director of the Interagency Trade Enforcement Center of the Office of the US Trade Representative. The Arlington, Virginia-based association also has reached out to the White House, Congress and the US International Trade Commission (ITC) in the hope of resolving the misclassification of “fake semis” - aluminium semi-fabricated for remelt, which is exempt from China’s 15% export tax on primary aluminium, Johnson...


This article was first published by AMM

September 17, 2015

01:16 GMT