SPOTLIGHT: Highveld, supply cuts and the future of the vanadium market

With the news that troubled South African company Evraz Highveld Steel and Vanadium has finally published its business rescue plan, having delayed it since May, comes inevitable speculation from the market on the possible consequences for the vanadium market.

As participants digest the plan’s contents, Terry Perles, president of Motiv Metals, president of TTP Squared, and established figure in alloys markets, shares some thoughts on the likely repercussions. “It will be very interesting to see how this plays out in the market. In my view, we will just now start to see the impact of the Highveld shutdown,” he told Metal Bulletin.  Highveld announced in July that it was temporarily halting steel production, and by extension, vanadium slag production. The rescue plan assumes a restart in March if the IRL proposal is accepted. Production was scheduled to stop after all hot metal had been processed, and the two mills continued to run until all stocks had been rolled. This process would have included vanadium slag production. Output was also temporarily halted at Mapochs Mine in May, restarting in June, which would also have meant delays in vanadium ore production and...


Claire Hack

September 21, 2015

00:40 GMT

New York